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Introducing the Ignite Master Foam Kit – your ticket to a foamy paradise! 🌟✨ Elevate your car wash game with precision and power. Ignite the foam, embrace the shine!

Ignite Master Foam Kit package includes –
1 Ignite Master (Manual Foaming Machine)
1 AutoPro Eco Foam Shampoo ( 500ML)
1 600 GSM Ignite Micro Fibre Cloth
1 Ignite Wash Mitt


Introducing Our Ultimate Car Foaming Cleaning Kit: Elevate Your Car Care Routine!


Are you tired of the same old car cleaning routine that leaves your vehicle looking less than impressive? Say goodbye to mundane washes and hello to a superior cleaning experience with our all-new Car Foaming Cleaning Kit!

Kit Contains –

1) 1 Ignite Master Foaming Device

2) 1 Ignite AutoPro Eco-Foam Shampoo(500ML)

3) 1 Ignite 800 GSM Micro Fibre Cloth

4) 1 Ignite Double Sides Micro Fibre Wash Mitt

Key Features:


1-Advanced Foaming Technology:

 2-Gentle Yet Powerful Cleaning Formula:

 3-Versatile Application:

 4-Time-Saving Convenience:

 5-Enhanced Shine and Protection:

 6-User-Friendly Design:

 7-Economical Solution:

How to Use:

  1. Dilute the cleaning solution as per the instructions ( 1 Part Ignite AutoPro Eco-Foam Shampoo:9 Part Water)
  2. Load Up The Foaming Gun
  3. Apply the rich foam to your car’s surfaces.
  4. Let the foam work its magic, lifting dirt and grime.
  5. Rinse off to reveal a sparkling clean and protected finish.



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